Individual Nutrition & Wellness Package

Individual Nutrition & Wellness Package

Love Yourself Into Better Health

You want to adore your own body.

You want to have boundless energy and delight in good health.

You want to enjoy clarity.

And you want to love what you eat.

You can have it all.

With a deeper understanding of your body and mind, we can together create practices – in and out of the kitchen – that will lead you to a healthier, more energetic, more connected you.

Individual Nutrition Counseling

Discover what foods work best for your body and why, and forget the one-size-fits-all diet.

We start with going over your history, preferences, tastes, strategies, lifestyle, past & current conditions, and areas of concern. This process is custom to your needs and takes bio-individuality to heart.

We will use a number of questionnaires and tests to assess priority areas. We will review your current labs and DNA data (this is optional but highly recommended). Other tests can be ordered through your physician or online, if necessary (in case we want to check for food sensitivities, heavy metal exposure, stress, pathogenic yeast, and more), and I will suggest options with your budget in mind.

Together, we will design a menu and a joyfully active lifestyle for you, based on a realistic program you can stick to.

Package Includes

  • Intake process with food journal analysis, DNA and lab data review
  • 1 intake session of 90 minutes
  • 4 follow-up sessions of 60 minutes each
  • Up to 3 custom 7-day meal plans with recipes and shopping lists along with multiple resources like a Mix & Match Guide, Spice Guide and more

These individual sessions will establish your food road map and create strategies to overcome your eating challenges, whether they are your busy schedule, ability to spend time in the kitchen, caring for others, or emotional eating patterns that aren't working anymore.

We go beyond the what and when. We work on how to achieve your goals, how to connect with your image of health to strengthen your commitment. We address mindset so you can make real shifts in your relationship to food and to your body, and finally feel fantastic in your own skin.

Supplements might be suggested when needed.

I hear your FAQs

I don't have much time...

I hear you. Modern women are busy! But I also know you aren't too busy for taking care of the most important asset in your life: your body & mind.

Weight loss takes some time, and it also takes quality thinking, clear strategy and masterful implementation, which is worth the time investment.

How many hours, days and weeks have you been frustrated feeling uncomfortable in your body?

There is never a perfect time to start. Waiting only prolongs suffering. Invest now in feeling good in your own skin.

I've had so many failed attempts before....

I know this one well.

One of the most common mistakes we make when creating new strategies, is we look backwards at the falls. While you're looking backwards, you aren't looking forwards. While it is important to learn from past mistakes, make sure your focus is in how you want to be and behave in the future.

We will review what hasn't worked for you, understand your eating archetype, explore what you are really hungry for, and create a map forward - one where you get to intentionally take each step necessary to feel at your best.

I need to ask my partner...

I talk to my husband about investments in myself and our family all the time. But I'm not necessarily asking for his permission. Know what the value is for you so you can communicate it when discussing this investment.

Our partner can mirror our uncertainty if that is what we feel.

I suggest you think about your decision first. Feel why you want to do this, and why now is the right time. Then talk to your partner from that place.

I think I should try on my own...

Of course you can.

You are a resilient, resourceful human, and you do have all the tools within you to make the changes you want in your diet and lifestyle. I believe in you!

And yet, my clients tell me that the accountability and support is what helped them stay with their intention, and go beyond achieving their goals. They have expressed how they have eliminated some of the negative self-talk that was creating their unwanted behaviors, how they leanred so much about what gives them energy and a true sense of wellbeing, and some have even shared that they no longer deal with self-loathing.

If you want this kind of learning and support, I am here for you.

I've never invested in myself like this before

This is common and normal especially for women.

Working Moms often don't think twice about investing for their kids, vacations or their families, but when it comes to an investment in themselves, there is a pause.

The value of reaching your ideal weight and forever releasing yourself from the struggle is priceless.

I always think about decisions un-made. What is the lifetime cost (financial, time, life experience) for you to not solve this problem once and for all?

Investing in yourself makes your Brain naturally add significance to our work together, encourages you to prioritize YOU.

Remember, you already know-- you matter.

Anything else?

Would you like to talk?

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Love Yourself Into Better Health!

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