3 Mindset Shifts

To Love Yourself Into Better Health

About Thais Harris, BCHN

Thais Harris, BCHN is a board-certified holistic nutritionist helping women love themselves into better health and an outstanding life.

She has successfully guided hundreds of people in their journey to optimal health, through her signature Reset group program, online courses, and individual + family wellness coaching at Nourish Together.

Thais has trained in Ayurveda, Amino Acid Therapy, and Nutrigenomics. She incorporates science-based east and west healing approaches, and focuses on each client’s unique needs based on their goals, preferences, DNA analysis, and current lab markers.

Thais is a co-author in the best-selling book "The Life-Changing Power of Self-Love," and the author of the children's book "Little Red: The Apple Who Wanted to Sparkle."

She has presented nationally and internationally on the topic of "DIET as our Daily Intake of EveryThing," with her husband, psychotherapist Nick Sholley, combining the fields of psychology and nutrition to align gut, heart & mind.


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