14-Day Reset



Boost your gut health to feel great, lose weight, and regain focus

If you are you experiencing...
  • Gas
  • Bloating
  • Constipation
  • Poor digestion
  • Brain fog
  • Moodiness
  • Irritability
  • Headaches
  • Weight gain
  • Joint pain/stiffness
  • Skin breakouts
  • Fatigue/sleepiness

A gentle cleanse can help...

Hit the reset button on your habits

Improve skin tone and complexion

Promote clarity and enhance emotional well-being

Improve energy levels, boost metabolism

Reduce headaches or body and joint pains

Improve the function of your liver and digestive tract

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What to expect...

Spring is a perfect time to recalibrate your diet and fill your tank.

This reset can help eliminate bloat, reduce brain fog, and give you a new perspective on what works for your body.

This is a food-based gentle process and supplements are optional.

It is easy and delicious and there will be no starvation!

You will receive all the details and strategies in the pre-Reset meeting;

We will meet as a group each week so you have complete clarity and motivation;

You will receive a private session to customize a plan for continued results;

And for 2 weeks you will have a nutritionist in your pocket - with e-mail and text access during the entire process.

Plus you will have monthly support for 3 months after the Reset.

You will gain skills to cook and take care of yourself well beyond the cleanse.

The sooner you reset, the closer to balance you get,

the better you will feel and perform in every area of your life!

And your investment is only $497.

You'll have access to me via text and e-mail plus 3 group meetings during the 2 weeks,

and you'll get 3 more monthly meetings to keep you on track after the cleanse (value: $500)


the first 10 participants to register will receive one 50-minute hypnotherapy session

with Peter Nick Sholley, MFT (valued at $185)


Every participant this Fall will receive access to my 8 Weeks of Meal Plans program to enjoy after the cleanse (valued at $149)


If you have done my program in the past, you know I send a fun goodie bag with a wellness tool and other treats (valued at $35)


What participants say...

"Thais’ Reset program was life changing.

I suffered from GI issues for years and after the program I felt better than ever. I had more energy and clarity."

C. DuBay, Santa Rosa CA

"I loved having a meal plan that I knew I'd have a good nutritious meal ready in not much time, and learning more about what to look for in foods that I buy and tips like always eat fruit with nuts to reduce the sugar spike. Thank you for a great experience!

A. McIlwraith,

Portsmouth NH

"I had immediate weight loss after being stuck at a plateau for two years.

I didn’t feel deprived of foods, which made this an easy process for me."

B. Parker, Santa Rosa CA

"I’ve known for years that addressing eating habits would be the things that realigns all things. And I do feel that I got a huge energetic adjustment. I’m going to weave this into my lifestyle without giving up on other pleasures in moderation."

S. Nash, Santa Cruz CA

"I feel better, have more energy and am able to focus and complete tasks easily. Much of the inflammation I experienced daily is now gone. I will use this program as my guide to my everyday living. Thank-you for my new beginning!"

S. Campbell, Santa Rosa CA

"I loved your guidance and support Thais, and greatly appreciate the education you provided to us throughout the detox. You helped me to hit the reset button and I feel so incredible! Thank you!"

A. Galde, Santa Rosa CA

Why this program works...

You Nourish Your Body

This is not a starvation cleanse!

You will enjoy plenty of delicious foods, packed with nutrients to fortify and rebuild your body, as well as the best beverages to keep you hydrated.

You eliminate triggers

Removing common triggers and reducing toxic load allows your body to focus on rebalancing and healing. Promote elimination through the kidneys, intestines, and skin.

You feel empowered

You will learn to listen to your body, and what makes it feel energized and balanced. This process will give you the motivation and inspiration to make the best choices on a daily basis.

And you'll get bonus monthly support for all your nutrition & wellness-related questions for 3 months!

Meet Your Guide

Thais has successfully guided hundreds of people in their journey to optimal health, through her signature group cleanse, online courses, and individual + family wellness coaching at Nourish Together, for over a decade.

Thais is board-certified by the National Association of Nutrition Professionals and holds a certificate in Nutrition Consulting from Bauman College, in Berkeley, CA. She graduated from the California Institute of Integral Studies in San Francisco, CA, and also attended the University of Southern Santa Catarina.

Thais believes self-love is the first step on the journey to feeling healthy, happy, and whole.

Questions? E-mail me here.

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