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Easy-Peasy Meal Plans!

Meal Plans

Meal Plans

Eat Better. Feel Amazing. Save Time and $$$.

Do you get overwhelmed by the thought of putting a healthy dinner on the table?

Do you feel like you're too busy to eat healthy?

Do you feel like preparing fresh meals takes too much effort?

Are you stuck in a rut of eating from the cupboard, or ordering out?

Do your cravings get the best of you and throw you off track?

Let me help you plan your week so you can have the time and resources for putting together quick and delicious meals that will support your health, and give you more freedom to do what matters most to you.

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Save time and stop wondering what's for dinner.

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I resisted meal planning at first, but then...

Being a spontaneous person the idea of a meal plan felt a little rigid to me. So I remained stuck in the "what do I make for dinner" cycle for many years, figuring out last minute what to do once I got home from work.

Some days it worked well: I'd often have enough items in the fridge and cupboard to put something yummy together; other nights, if I had time I would go to the store right before dinner and count on some last-minute inspiration to get just the right items for a delicious dinner.

Some days we would eat way too late because I would choose to make something that ended up taking a lot longer to cook than I had expected.

Some dinners just weren't very good, and left me craving a little something else afterwards, resulting in late-night eating that wasn't helpful for my health goals.

Then I had a child, and night-time routine demanded that I be a lot better prepared. So I started getting serious about meal planning. And it SAVED my life.

Knowing that my shopping list matches what I really need makes shopping faster, there's less room for unnecessary purchases, a lot less waste, and I feel organized and calm.

I realized that a plan wasn't rigid at all. I wasn't putting myself in a box. I was giving myself freedom!

Those nights when my husband just looked at the plan and started on dinner because everything he needed to help was right there... Freedom!

Mental real estate that wasn't taken up by trying to figure out what I had at home and what I didn't... Space!

Hours of researching recipes online, that often weren't even that good... Saved!

Need I say more?

The #1 problem with a healthy lifestyle isn’t necessarily KNOWING what to eat, it’s actually DOING it.

We all know vegetables are healthy, but it’s the process of deciding which veggies to buy, how to make them taste good, and then preparing and cooking them that is the difficult part.

When we remove the difficulty and know what to do, and when, we open the path to eating the way we "wish we could."

When we have yummy foods in the fridge we are a lot less likely to head over to the corner cafe and grab a pastry, or attack the bag of chips in the cupboard. We actually give ourselves a chance to start a healthier pattern of eating, while still enjoying some spontaneity here and there - by choice, and not because we didn't give ourselves a better option.

What Happens When You Meal Plan

  • You have food already made in the fridge when you’re hungry, which means you are less likely to go a cafe or attack the cupboard for processed stuff.
  • You get more adequate nutrients, which give you more energy to enjoy life.
  • You are clearer headed and can focus on whatever it is you want to do (and you don't have to start thinking about dinner after you finish lunch!)
  • You sleep better because you are eating better.
  • You have energy in the morning because you’re eating balanced foods for breakfast (and you slept well the night before).
  • Whether you want to lose weight, maintain, or gain weight, meal planning is 100% the best way to do it.

How The Weekly Meal Plans Work

1. Once a week, you get a weekly meal plan delivered to your inbox.

2. Each plan comes with a shopping list divided by grocery area to make shopping a breeze.

3. Each week you will learn about foods that support health, with a focus in a specific area (say, eating for brain health, heart health, hormone balance, stable blood sugar, and so on).

4. Both omnivore and vegetarian meal plans are included.

5. These plans are based on holistic nutrition principles that can be applied to most people, and can be further modified to fit your unique needs.

All of the recipes are:

  • Clear, easy to make, and delicious
  • Refined-sugar-free to help balance blood sugar and get rid of cravings, ultimately leading to weight-loss and more energy.
  • Full of adequate protein, and life-boosting, anti-inflammatory nutrients.
  • Portioned out for 2 people, but easily adaptable for 1, or more than 2, if you are a family.

The Investment

The investment is $149 for 8 weeks of meal plans, plus bonus education and workshops that you will have access to. That works out to less than $19/week.

After 2 months of meal planning, you will meal plan and prep like a BOSS, and will have a huge repertoire of recipes to choose from.

And each week I will be focusing on a different system in the body, or a wellness topic that will give you information and inspiration to keep reaching for your goals.

Money Back Guarantee:

We stand by this investment 100%, and if you are unsatisfied with the meal planning program, we’ll give you a full refund within 2 weeks of purchasing.

Start Meal Planning Now!

Save time and get the resources you need to feel amazing!

8 Weeks of Meal Plans


$149 billed up front

/ week

What people have to say:

"The benefits I received were immensely helpful.

I achieved my health goals, but I view it less about “achieving” a goal because that feels finite.

I prefer to think about this as an ongoing way to live and I am most certainly achieving that as well.

The accountability & meal plans were great!!

Thais' holistic approach to nutrition and lifestyle is refreshing.

It is not just about losing weight - it’s about creating a sustainable way to live in a healthier way."

L. J. - Waban, MA

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